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Sound & Music Healing



Sound & Music Healing

What is Lifestyle for all of us in today's challenging & survival for the fittest working environment?

Fast, Furious, Competitive & Money Minded, every time and everyday… "Stress, Stress & Stress" Is pushing yourself a Stress? Does stretching yourself for meeting the Career Demands, a Stress? Is finding the right career, a Stress? Is peer pressure leading to Stress?

All these kinds of dynamic situations exist for past so many years. The difference is "HOW" to manage all the situations with a balanced and health "Mind"… A Journey of “Educating Ourselves Internally".

Cosmic Sounds formed in 2017, is a team of music professionals having experience of various walks of life, now pursuing their interests towards helping mankind. A team of differentiated experts having a unique blend of skills that studied and worked upon the therapeutic usage of Sounds and Music aims at an individual’s productivity enhancement, and work on the treatment methodologies for soul healing.

Unfolding the power of "Thinking, Feeling and Action"…. Leading Change

Marketing Strategies

Gives edge over competitors, helps in fixing the right price & optimum utilization of resources. Amalgamation of "5P's"

Brand Image

People like to be associated with "good" brands but challenge remains to bridge the gap between "TOMA" & "ITP".

Brand Salience

We build the memory of your brand and its linkage to other important memory structures in a purchase situation.

Brand Perception

Enhancing sum of our feelings, attitudes & experiences with a product or services,finally moving the needle for you.