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Digital Advisory


Digital Advisory

Market research provides detailed insight about our competitor, customer pains, latest market trends, consumer buying patterns, economic shifts & demographics.

We as Catalyst facilitates both in Primary & Secondary Research

Catalyst Bureau give Swiss Army Knife of Business Solutions to an un-welcome situation or a Dispute or a Trouble or a Conflict or a Question on:

  • Digital platform’s like SEO, SMO, PPC, Experiential, Web-Design, PR etc.
  • Brand Awareness, Brand Positioning & Brand Image
  • Organization Structure, Restructuring & Design
  • "4P's" for any Organization. Its Processes, People, Productivity & Penetration. A true blend of "4P's" leads to generation of the "5th P" that is the final Goal of every organization facilitating Continuous & Growing "Profits"

Digital Marketing

We analyze and do a accurate real time analytics to give business a real leverage to target their audience.

Organisation Structure

Increases productivity, communication, defined work assignments & clear lines of authority.

Business SetUp

First time right understanding of cutomer needs, business environment, knowledge & Resource Management.

Exploratory Analysis

Indented to establish priorties, Operational definitions & improve the research design. Refine selected feature variables.