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Brand Positioning

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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Is Digital Marketing a Norm or Brand Strategy a Necessity for Digital Marketing?

Brand positioning services are definite as the abstract place you want to own in the target consumer’s mind — the profit you want them to think of when they think of your brand. An efficient brand positioning agency strategy will maximize customer relevancy and competitive uniqueness, in maximizing brand value.There are over million brands in the world adopting Digital Marketing for boosting the “4P”… Product, Price, Place & Promotion. Some you know of some you don’t, some you connect deeply with, some you despise; how does this happen? How is that you perceive a company as a brand and connect or use it with full trust, and have an otherwise opinion for the rest?

Brand Positioning is nothing but a marketing plan with thoughts, ideas, and ideologies. It’s about building a brand that people can resonate with and feel happy about while using it. Digital marketing is one of the components used for boosting the Brand Strategy.

Catalyst Bureau is amongst the Top 10 and one of the best Brand Positioning Agency facilitating in creating and building brand by Innovative, Investigative and Inspiring model of “10 Step” Process. Few to mention are:

  • Defining the TG: Understanding ‘Who” you benefit most and “Who” bring the most value to you
  • Understanding Competitor: Direct or Substitute
  • Defining Brand Personality & Timbre
  • Crafting Brand Promise
  • Crafting Brand Positioning Statement
  • Executing with “5P’s”… Product, Price, Place, Promotion & People
  • Laddering: From “Functional” Quotient to “Emotional” Quotient

Marketing Strategies

Gives edge over competitors, helps in fixing the right price & optimum utilization of resources. Amalgamation of "5P's"

Brand Image

People like to be associated with "good" brands but challenge remains to bridge the gap between "TOMA" & "ITP".

Brand Salience

We build the memory of your brand positioning and its linkage to other important memory structures in a purchase situation.

Brand Perception

Enhancing sum of our feelings, attitudes & experiences with a product or services,finally moving the needle for you.